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The Message of Anne Simon ~ $12.95
In this extraordinary document, a celebrated writer and musician communicates her post death experiences through automatic writing. Though Simon died in August of 1916, Volume I contains communications to her husband which began on January 17, 1919 and continued for the next twenty-five days. 145 page PDF.

The Second Message of Anne Simon ~ $12.95
The woman the New York Times once described as a "Strange Soul" begins Volume II of her engrossing account of her life after death with a second round of revelations to her husband which began on July 11, 1919. 157 page PDF.

The Later Message of Anne Simon ~ $19.95
Volume III concludes Simon's descriptions of the afterlife which were last communicated to her husband on August 7, 1919. Previously this ebook was only available in expensive, hard-to-find editions. 183 page PDF.

The Books of Anne Simon ~ $39.95
Buy all 3 books of Anne Simon. Essential reading for those drawn to the mysterious Anne Simon writings and her theme "There is no Death!" Also recommended for anyone with an interest in the topics of psychic powers, mediums and clairvoyance.