"THE MESSAGE OF ANNE SIMON consists of a revelation to her husband, written by him under inspirational influences, through the medium of automatic writing. Its contents are of spiritual significance, logical in sequence, and expressed in language of literary beauty and fineness. The keynote can be expressed in four words, 'There is no death,' the creed of a new faith, which contains a message of hope and comfort for many people."-Washington Times
"The air of the hilltops is in these words, and serenity and courage and heavenly kindness. There are descriptions and explanations, not of things, but of feelings and aspirations. The great certainty that runs through this message is 'There is no death.' This, over and over again, is the message pressed out to the hands of the recipient into the hearts of the readers. Professor Simon is not a spiritualist, nor was his wife. Nor had he recourse to mediumistic assistance. A strong and beautiful benign spirit certainly is behind this manifestation." -Washington Evening Star
"There is that in THE MESSAGE OF ANNE SIMON which makes one marvel as he puts it down after reading." -Columbus Despatch


Otto Torney Simon
Washington, D.C.
October, 1920

THE SECOND MESSAGE of Anne Simon, a soul who had passed into the Higher Life in August 1916, would seem to be a logical continuation of the contents of the first Message, already published.

The third, fourth and fifth Messages have also evolved, and will follow sequentially in book form; each bearing relation to what has preceded; each of about the same length as the first Message; and each appearing in facile writing in the short duration of time of about a month. THE SECOND MESSAGE began July 11, 1919, and ended a few weeks later, on August 7.

Anne Simon, in her earth-life, possessed an unusual power for the stimulation of fineness and fulfillment in others. She frequently spoke of this strange, controlling force.

The union of my wife and myself was one of harmony and understanding, and the bond sensitive. As two artists, our ideals were happily interwoven.

Neither of us were spiritualists, nor did we frequent mediums. The entire subject seemed of little interest.

The Writing came strangely. In January, 1919, I was impelled, through a friend, to experiment with automatic writing. The results were immediate, and two days later the first Message began, with evidently a definite purpose.

There was no trance-condition, but the pencil wrote without my initiative or will, and I marvelled as this strange subject unfolded.

It may be that each Message, appearing in sequential publication, will create new interest, as added testimony of the significance of this document.